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The Venice Suite

The Venice Suite


By Dermot Bolger

'In the numbness of grief I felt certain I would never write poems again,” Bolger claims in his prefatory note. But his readers will be glad that he has done so… (in)… what is ultimately a book of celebration…unflinching and sad – and beautiful.' - Times Literary Supplement

C-format, paperback | 48pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-190-7 | Release Date: November 2012

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‘A sequence of poems that no writer would ever wish to write’

The Venice Suite is a deeply personal sequence of poems that charts poet Dermot Bolger’s experience of sudden bereavement. It explores the stages and states of loss in an irrevocably altered world, where one partner is left behind to deal with the ongoing business of living while trying to comprehend the enormity of the severance of a shared life suddenly rendered into the past tense. They manage to be richly tender love poems while trying to map the unknown new territory in which any bereaved person finds themselves.