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Lost and Found

Lost and Found


By David Marcus

David Marcus: novelist, autobiographer, anthologist, short story writer, and of course editor extraordinaire. It’s hard to think of another figure in twentieth-century Irish literary life to whom the designation ‘man of letters’ is better suited.

A-format, paperback | 96pp | ISBN: 978-1-90549-472-9 | Release Date: June 2007

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Here, in an incredible anthology of new and previously published material, and edited by fellow wordsmith George O'Brien, Marcus's poems display the subtle sequencing, the interplay of light and dark thematic matters, the rhythm of the whole that prove him to be one of the most outstanding poets of the last half-century. With structures, metrics and rhythms of traditional Irish verse all clearly audible, we come to see how the common lot, the broad view and our fragile destinies make up David Marcus's poetic realm; uplift and downfall, intensity and emptiness, fervour and stoicism. A stunning addition to New Island's Irish Poetry collection.