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Dream Country

Dream Country


By Donna Sørensen

This debut collection by English poet, Donna Sørensen explores home, life, love and adulthood.

C-format, paperback | 48pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-250-8 | Release Date: July 2013

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In this debut collection, Donna Sørensen writes poetry for a new generation. She writes about belonging and the feel of different places, as well she might an Englishwoman who now lives in Denmark and who worked for three years in Ireland. Her imagery is rooted deeply in natural experiences and alive with colour and imagination. She writes convincingly of life, of love, on being an outsider and the challenges of growing into adulthood and change. Donna Sørensen was chosen as The Stinging Fly’s Featured Poet for the Spring 2012 issue.

Knives, Forks and Fathers Over the table of carefully set knives and forks and two porcelain plates from an eight-part set (dishwasher-proof) you and I move separately, together, serving the portioned meat and two-times veg and our minds are ahead of the eating. Without looking up, we talk of this and that and it happens that each of us carefully places our worries for our fathers upon the table between us, amongst the glasses and hands clutching slightly warmed metal and I only know then, finally, that we are no longer children.


A confident debut that benefits from youth while displaying wisdom... A predominantly contemporary and urban work, it finds time to marvel at nature and physics. Fittingly, it opens with an excerpt from Heaneyís Postscript and concludes with a Shakespearean quotation. In between is a young woman torn between the lands of her predecessors.
— Sunday Times
‘.. a bright young light on the literary horizon.
— Sunday Business Post
There are many beautiful lines in this collection...and they’re wedded to a great sense of consideration and depth. Dream Country marks her out as a bright young light on the literary horizon.
— Sunday Business Post