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Open Door

A series of novellas by bestselling Irish authors, curated by Patricia Scanlan for emerging adult readers.

The Story of Joe Brown

The Story of Joe Brown


By Rose Doyle

Part of The Open Door series, an adult literacy series of novellas by well-known Irish authors.

A-format, paperback | 86pp | ISBN: 978-1-90430-145-5 | Release Date: January 2004

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There is nothing remarkable about Joe Brown. He is of average height. His average looks are hidden behind a beard. He wears average clothes. But Joe Brown has a secret, and a past, that he wants to forget. He might have managed it too. He might have moved on to a new life if he hadn't answered an ad for a room to rent. His chances would have been better still if the beautiful Julia Ryan hadn't taken him in as a lodger. But she did, and in no time at all Joe Brown's past has caught up with him. This time there will be no forgetting.