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Open Door

A series of novellas by bestselling Irish authors, curated by Patricia Scanlan for emerging adult readers.

Second Chance

Second Chance


by Patricia Scanlan

Part of The Open Door series, an adult literacy series of novellas by well-known Irish authors.

A-format, paperback | 80pp | ISBN: 978-1-90260-233-2 | Release Date: January 2000

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Tony O’Neill is not having a good day. He is unemployed and broke, with his wife and child to support. Even worse, he’s living with his snooty mother-in-law. They don’t get on.

Bridie Feeney is very annoyed. She’s just had a row with her son-in-law and her daughter, Jean. Bitter words have been spoken. But she is not going to apologise…

Dave Cummins needs a fix … badly. It’s the worst day of his life. He knows he’s going to do something he swore he’d never do.

Sarah Collins is looking forward to a day in town. It’s been planned for ages … then the unthinkable happens.

It’s a day none of them will ever forget. But for Tony and Jean it’s the day they get a second chance.