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Open Door

A series of novellas by bestselling Irish authors, curated by Patricia Scanlan for emerging adult readers.

On Angels' Wings

On Angels' Wings


by Aidan Storey

Part of The Open Door series, an adult literacy series of novellas by well-known Irish authors.

A-format, paperback | 160pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-100-6 | Release Date: Oktober 2011

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Adapted from his extraordinary autobiography, Angels of Divine Light (Transworld, 2010), Aidan Storey recalls how the presence of Angels sustained him through years of great turmoil. As he recalls the sexual and mental abuse he suffered in primary school, and the dark days of depression that followed, he describes how the Angels, through the power of angelic healing, taught him how to bring light and love into his life and the lives of many others. Profoundly moving, this is an inspiring story of hope and forgiveness, and a testament to the healing power of Angels that will stay with you for ever.