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Open Door

A series of novellas by bestselling Irish authors, curated by Patricia Scanlan for emerging adult readers.

Letter From Chicago

Letter From Chicago


By Cathy Kelly

Part of The Open Door series, an adult literacy series of novellas by well-known Irish authors.

A-format, paperback | 96pp | ISBN: 978-1-90260-269-1 | Release Date: Januari 2002

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Elise and Maisie are sisters. They live on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Regular letter writers, they like to boast about their respective families. But over time, the gulf between fact and fiction is getting bigger than the ocean that divides them. So, when a letter arrives from Chicago saying that Maisies’s granddaughter is coming over to stay with her Irish family, Elise must face the truth at last. And with neither posh house nor pony to be found for miles, this working-class family has quite a mix-up on its hands. Not to mention a good dollop of inventive interior design.