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Open Door

A series of novellas by bestselling Irish authors, curated by Patricia Scanlan for emerging adult readers.

Has Anyone Here Seen Larry

Has Anyone Here Seen Larry


by Deirdre Purcell

Part of The Open Door series, an adult literacy series of novellas by well-known Irish authors.

A-format, paperback | 96pp | ISBN: 978-1-90260-270-7 | Release Date: January 2002

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Larry is an 87-year-old widow. She lives with her daughters Martha and Mary. Though old and frail, she remembers her youth as if it were yesterday.

Martha is the put-upon daughter. She runs the home and looks after her mother’s every need. Her only escape comes with her regular outings to see her friend, Father Jimmy.

Mary goes out to work, takes interesting holidays, and is mummy’s pet. Add to this that she never lifts a finger in the house, and something has to give.

It soon does – one embarrassing evening when Father Jimmy comes to tea. High drama follows, and very soon, Larry is nowhere to be found…