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Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know


By John MacKenna

'A powerful and evocacative work infused with great craft and courage' - Irish Book Review

'MacKenna is MacGahern's inheritor; he harvests and hoards his words, knowing their nuance, their gram-weight worth' - Scotland on Sunday

Trade paperback | 282pp | ISBN: 978-1-90549-417-3 | Release Date: Oktober 2006

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From one of Ireland's finest writers comes Things You Should Know: A Memoir - a book about growing up and growing old, about freedom and responsibility, about being a father and a son at the same time.

Praise for John MacKenna:

A consummately skilled author.
— The Guardian
A writer whose emotional success rarely falters.
— The Irish Times
His stories are imbued with an intense eroticism which sharpens the character’s memories and softens the harsh Irish landscapes in which they live.
— The Sunday Times
His restrained, limpid style and rural settings are reminiscent of McGahern.
— The Irish Times