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The Ulysses Guide

The Ulysses Guide


by Robert Nicholson

More than just a walking guide, The Ulysses Guide provides a guide to James Joyce’s novel Ulysses by following its eighteen episodes on their original locations, and recreating the Dublin of 1904 against the background of today’s streetscape.

B-Format, Paperback | 240pp | ISBN 9781848407442 | Release Date May 2019

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The Ulysses Guide explains the action of the book in terms of its settings and illuminates some of the more challenging sections of Joyce's work. This latest edition has been updated to incorporate new additions to the landscape, such as the James Joyce Bridge and the Museum of Literature, Ireland, and changes to Joycean landmarks like the Ormond Hotel, Sweny's Pharmacy and Barney Kiernan's pub. New research has thrown fresh light on some puzzling moments in Ulysses and challenged traditional views on Mr Deasy's school, Bella Cohen's reputation and Stephen's morning whereabouts.


An excellent compendium of local history, literary scholarship, and wry critical commentary, the guide is designed to accommodate the ever-increasing number and variety of Joyce pilgrims…an intelligent, sensitive and accurate gestalt of Joyce’s Dublin.
— English Literature in Transition
Robert Nicholson’s famous guide to Ulysses - now re-published in a new unenamourdated edition - is the ultimate guide not just to Joyce’s words but to his city also... Whether you are a Joycean expert or a novice or simply a Dubliner curious to walk through streets you think you know and discover happened on these street corners in Joyce’s imagination, then - this week of all weeks - this guide is the perfect gift to yourself.
— Dermot Bolger, Irish Mail on Sunday
The cover of this book could become as familiar as the cover of Lonely Planet Ireland. And with good reason: Nicholson’s book remains an eminently readable “tour” of Dublin, past and present.
— Oona Frawley, James Joyce Quarterly
Eight walks which make surprisingly good reading…full of delightful information.
— Literary Review
An indispensable manual.
— The Glasgow Herald