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The Irish Male: His Greatest Hits

The Irish Male: His Greatest Hits


by Joseph O'Connor

From his side-splitting account of Ireland's soccer adventures at the 1994 World Cup to his widely acclaimed radio diaries for RTÉs Drivetime programme, award-winning novelist Joseph O'Connor tells tales that both parody and illuminate the strange times in which we live.

C-format, paperback | 434pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-037-5 | Release Date: May 2009

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In this selection of classic journalism and non-fiction, including the very best of his Irish Male trilogy, the author of Star of the Sea and Redemption Falls displays an eye for the absurd, a lightness of touch, and a recession-busting comic spirit. From losing his heart at a flirting class in Manhattan to Interviewing Lord Archer in a gracious London penthouse, from enduring the book-publicity trail to becoming a father, The Irish Male: His Greatest Hits is a suitcase stuffed with self-mockeries, belly-laughs and insightful raps and rhymes.


If laughing out loud is the only exercise you get, then read Joseph O’Connor’ - Roddy Doyle ‘If you need to spend an afternoon with a silly grin, and sometimes tears of laughter, this is your only man.
— The Irish Times