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The Devil's Deal: The IRA, Nazi Germany and the Double Life of Jim O'Donovan

The Devil's Deal: The IRA, Nazi Germany and the Double Life of Jim O'Donovan


By David O'Donoghue

The first in-depth study of the covert links between the IRA and Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, The Devil's Deal tells the story of Jim O'Donovan's double life as IRA GHQ staff member, ESB manager and the IRA's top liasion offier with the Nazi regime in Berlin.

Trade paperback | 352pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-080-1 | Release Date: November 2010

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'David O’Donoghue has done us all a service in bringing this little-known but significant figure to life, drawing on O’Donovan’s unpublished memoirs to combine academic rigour with a racy, readable narrative.' - The Irish Times Jim O'Donovan was a major IRA figure whose fighting career had, by 1945, spanned almost three decades. A shadowy and enigmatic character, he was also the IRA's chief liaison officer with the Third Reich during WWII. A State employee by day and top IRA officer by night, he projected himself as a pillar of middle-class Dublin, and worked as a manager for the ESB until his retirement. This book details O'Donovan's involvement in the infamous S-Plan bombing campaign in England (1939-1940). The IRA's officer commanding the English Midlands region in 1939 was Belfast man, Dominic Adams, an uncle of Gerry Adams. Using hitherto unpublished material, The Devil's Deal throws fresh light on this little-known chapter of Irish history, when extreme Republicans backed the Nazi horse in a desperate bid to create a united Ireland, albeit under the German jackboot. Includes a foreword by Diarmaid Ferriter.