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Speaking Ill of the Dead

Speaking Ill of the Dead


edited by Myles Dungan

A collection of character assassinations that is bound to have the living and the dead up in arms!

C-format Paperback | 268 pages | ISBN 9781905494774 | Release Date 23 Juni 2007

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The passing of great historical figures nearly always brings out a stream of platitudes, warm recollections and reminiscences of their outstanding achievements. It is only only with considerable passing of times that the true legacy of major figures can be looked at in all objectivity and fair mindedness. and sometimes, the results are not so positive.

Speaking Ill of the Dead is taken from a series of lectures aired on RTÉ Radio 1 where historians were asked to choose a figure from Irish history (though not necessarily Irish born) for whom they had an aversion and to speak about them before an audience.

Among the historians featuring in this book are Professor Tom Bartlett, Professor Paul Bew, Senator Martin Mansergh, Senator David Norris, Ruth Dudley Edwards and Dr. Patrick Wallace. Among the reputations under attack are those of Edward Carson, William Gladstone, Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Balfour and Countess Markievicz.