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Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider

Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer and Cider


By Caroline Hennessy & Kristin Jensen

Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Cider

C-Format, hardback | 256pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-374-1 | Release Date: September 2014

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A revolution is happening in Ireland, with craft beer and cider producers and enthusiasts seeking to transform our drinking habits. In Sláinte, Caroline Hennessy and Kristin Jensen provide you with the knowledge to increase your enjoyment of craft beer and cider, while introducing you to the personalities behind the bottles and helping you to match it with food and use it in your cooking. As craft brewing and cider making grows in Ireland, there is a large audience of interested and active drinkers and brewers as well as less heavily involved but equally interested readers looking for information, advice and guidance that relates specifically to Ireland. Sláinte - The Complete Guide to Irish Craft Beer & Cider is designed by two writers within the community to help spread the word, to inform and to delight all these potential readers. Sláinte covers everything from the basics of how beer and cider are made to profiles of the people and stories behind the microbreweries that are fuelling Ireland’s craft beer revolution, all the way through to tips on matching beer and cider with food and Irish farmhouse cheese and recipes that incorporate craft brews.


A timely book that will be seized on by the growing army of discerning drinkers who are keen to find out which craft drinks they will most enjoy, especially when paired with their favourite foods. Anyone who enjoys real beer and cider should give this book a try the fun is in the learning.
— Georgina Campbell
The book is a meticulous examination of the hugely exciting world of Irish artisan beer and cider, with mouth-watering recipes, engrossing back stories and passion for the subject that you just do not see in a any similar volumes. It is also a visual treat.
— Sunday Business Post
Caroline Hennessy and Kristen Jensen have meticulously researched the current state of the Irish beer and cider scene and drawn upon a wealth of sources, historical, zythological and gastronomical to create this compact and accessible guide. Accessible is really the key here: this is a beginners’ guide not only to the Irish craft beer and cider movement — the producers whose stories are set out in chronological order at the centre of the book — but also the historical context of Irish beer and cider, the methods of production, where to get it, how to serve it, how to taste it and where to find the information to take things to the next ideal gift for any budding beer lover.
— Beoir
It is the ambition of every author to wear your learning lightly, and in Sláinte, Caroline and Kristin deliver an encyclopedia s worth of information and knowledge, but do so in a book that has the lightness and grace of a missal.
— John McKenna
An intriguing book on a subject whose time has certainly come.
— Darina Allen