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Life In Medieval Ireland: Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome

Life In Medieval Ireland: Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome


By Finbar Dwyer

Now available in paperback, this brilliant history of medieval Ireland evokes life as lived by the ordinary people rather than the small elite of nobles and warriors who have dominated discussions to date.

C-format, paperback | 232pp | ISBN: 9781848407404 | Release Date: June 2019

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The history of the Middle Ages [in Ireland] is so neglected that the only figure of renown is Strongbow, the man who led the Norman Invasion of Ireland in the twelfth century … There is little written about the lives of majority of men, who held no title or land, and even less about women … Indeed, so neglected are these people in history that many of the stories and people recounted … haven’t been heard of in centuries.

In a society born of conquest, beset with famines and plagues, and where the staples of life were everything from spies and corruption to witch trials and warfare, life in medieval Ireland was seldom dull.

In Life in Medieval Ireland, Finbar Dwyer offers a unique portrait of life as it was lived in medieval Ireland. Against the backdrop of what was often a violent and chaotic period of history, Dwyer explores the personal stories of those whose recollections have been preserved, finding in them continual relevance and human interest.