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Ireland 366: A Story A Day From Ireland's Hidden History

Ireland 366: A Story A Day From Ireland's Hidden History


by Frank Hopkins

An often hilarious romp through the annals of Irish history from Frank Hopkins with a story for each day of the year including February 29th!

C-format, hardback | 336pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-293-5 | Release Date: November 2013

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In this entertaining and engaging book, Frank Hopkins delivers an episode from Ireland's history for every single day of the year, including 29 February. Some are surprising, some sensational and others sad, but they are always fascinating. The Whiteboys, the Ribbonmen, the Invincibles, the cat o'nine tails, execution by burning barrel of pitch and "pleading the belly". All of these and more feature in this exploration of Ireland's darker, hidden history. Featuring pieces from as early as the thirteenth century and from as late as the mid-twentieth century and each sourced from the newspapers and publications of their day Ireland 366: A Story a Day from Ireland's Hidden History is a must for Irish history lovers and everyone else.