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Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts, 1916

Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts, 1916


by Paul O'Brien

The exciting military history of one of the toughest fights of the 1916 Rising.

A-format, paperback | 128pp | ISBN: 978-1-84840-129-7 | Release Date: March 2012

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The 1916 Rising was about much, much more than the GPO. Around the city, many volunteers and British soldiers were killed and wounded fighting in vicious urban warfare. One of the many forgotten struggles centred on North King Street and the Four Courts and, in this brilliant new book, Paul O'Brien revisits that conflict. Delving deep into the archives and the testimony of those involved, Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts 1916 brings to life a desperate struggle between mismatched forces, one that forced rebels to learn new ways of fighting on the cuff. This gripping military history book is in turn exciting and tragic and does more than many books to expose the often forgotten stories of the 1916 rising.