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An Ireland Worth Working For

An Ireland Worth Working For


by Tom Healy

A shared vision for Ireland that maps out a radical path to a better future, sure to ignite an island-wide debate.

C-Format, Paperback | 232pp | ISBN: 9781848407244 | Release Date: April 2019

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At the First Dáil Éireann on 21 January 1919, a new Democratic Programme was announced and then swiftly abandoned. The central goals of this highly aspirational manifesto were ‘Liberty, Equality and Justice for all’. A century later, Tom Healy, director of the Nevin Economic Research Institute, explores the economic policies of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and meticulously shows how they failed generation after generation.

Proposing an alternative economic order for the next 100 years, An Ireland Worth Working For tackles the major challenges – technology, demographics and environment – facing the island of Ireland in a changing EU. With radical goals for work and wages, public services and taxes as well as new enterprises, Healy presents a credible vision for Ireland in the twenty-first century, a place where every citizen of this island can enjoy a life of dignity, security and respect.

Praise for the book

An important contribution to a necessary debate on our shared island.
— President Michael D. Higgins
Tom Healy has written a hopeful book for our very turbulent times . . . creating a more egalitarian, sustainable and inclusive Ireland.
— John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy, Queens University Belfast
This book confirms what decent people believe – that Ireland must do better because equality benefits everybody.
— Sheila Nunan, General Secretary INTO and President ICTU