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Valley of the Peacock Angel

Valley of the Peacock Angel


by Martin Malone

A heartbreaking novel about the aftermath of a chemical weapons attack.

C-format, paperback | 224pp | ISBN 9781848402300 | Release Date: 01 July 2013

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A young Kurdish shepherd Cotkar witnesses the slaughter of his family and most of the inhabitants in his home town of Halabja, situated in the Valley of the Peacock Angel, from the relative safety of his hut, high on the side of a mountain above the town. He hears the shells falling, and sees what seemed a straightforward attack become even more horrific as the people in the town realise they are being attacked with chemical weapons. In this exceptional and heartbreaking new novel, Martin Malone explores the events of that attack from the perspective of the characters who peopled the Valley of the Peacock Angel. Malone conceived the novel while serving with a UN observer force in Northern Iraq. After several attempts to write the book from an Irish character's perspective, he finally listened to the voices of the locals and has crafted an novel unlike most Irish novels, international in its setting but universal in its subject.


Valley of the Peacock Angel is an accomplished novel. Malone excels in his natural ability to tell a story, to draw readers in and to hold them there. His novel is a pleasure to read ... With characters that are well rounded and a plot that never drops the pace, Malone delivers a worthy story.
— Books Ireland
a timely reminder of the horrors of war and of the victims it creates.
— The Irish Times