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The Lonesome Heart is Angry

The Lonesome Heart is Angry


By Paul Charles

A thrilling new novel by the Paul Charles. 'A beautifully written novel about small-town secrets and the mysteries of the human heart. 

Trade Paperback |315pp| ISBN | 978-1-84840-339-0 | Release Date | May 2014

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Buy this book on Kindle (UK) (US) What seems like a routine job for matchmaker Michael Gilmour in a small 1960s Northern Irish town becomes something very much more when events take an unexpected turn. The brothers Kane have an idea for their matches that will set tongues wagging, light the fires of jealousy in more than one heart and open the door to tragedy. The Lonesome Heart is Angry explores life in a small town and the darker side of the human condition. It doesn't shy away from the gossip, the fear, the violence and desperation that can build up inside people and behind closed doors. Set in Castlemartin, home of the Playboys who featured in Paul Charles' The Last Dance, The Lonesome Heart is Angry is a gripping novel that will keep you reading until the last page.