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The Big Yaroo

The Big Yaroo


by Patrick McCabe

From the author of The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto.

Francie Brady is back…

B-format paperback | 250pp | IBSN 9781848407411 | Release date: 5 October 2019

This item will be released on 5 October.

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–Did you think I expected you to stay a child forever, Francie?

& I could have leapt twenty feet in the air, the very second I heard her saying that.

As off I went, with a whole new world of wonder, it seemed to me, beginning to open up all over again.

With it leading me to getting out my coloured pencils and starting to draw all these pictures in rainbow colours – and putting little stories from the old days along with them, little memories from a time when it had all made sense.

This profoundly moving follow up to McCabe’s bestselling The Butcher Boy asks some uncomfortable questions about redemption, religion and the hidden world of small-town Ireland. Written in McCabe’s trademark fluid, stream-of-consciousness style, the novel explores the limits of psychological stability and the arbitrary delineation between reality and delusion.