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Marked Off

Marked Off


by Don Cameron

Marked Off tells the tale of a Dublin rendered frighteningly unfamiliar by the antics of a troubled and evil killer.

Trade Paperback | 256pp | 9781848404151 | 19 February 2015

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In the leafy suburb of Booterstown in the height of mid-Summer, the brutal and shocking murder of a local woman is the last thing that anyone expects. What is more unexpected is that this murder will only be the first of many. Inspector Danny O’Neill is led on a trail of false clues, lies, and corruption, where the only thing he seems to be able to find are dead ends. As O’Neill tries to come to terms with a painful past of buried memories, we realise that this is more than just a hunt for a wanted man, it is a hunt for redemption. In a tale of twists, turns, and sometimes sheer roundabouts, Marked Off tells the tale of a Dublin rendered frighteningly unfamiliar by the antics of a troubled and evil killer.

About the Author: Born in Dublin and educated in CBS Westland Row, Don Cameron worked as an accountant before moving to London, where he worked in various semi-state bodies. He began to write in the mid-90s and since then has had over forty short stories published and broadcast. He has self-published a guide to central Dublin, entitled Walking with Words. Marked Off is his first novel.

Praise for Marked Off

A well-written page turner with believable characters…I couldn’t put it down.
— Irish Examiner
Marked Off is a good read for anyone who likes a fast-paced whodunnit…As a first novel, Marked Off shows a good deal of real promise for Cameron as a crime writer and it keeps the reader engaged until the end…As a barometer of what is to come from Cameron, it augurs well for the future of modern Irish crime fiction.
— Dublin Gazette
An engaging and exciting book, Marked Off will leave readers in a perpetual state of suspense. If you’re a fan of the variations of classic detective fiction or of the James Patterson-esque crime thriller this is certainly the book for you. Cameron’s ability to merge Irish colloquialisms into the dialogue makes it an especially appealing book for our home-grown bodies while not losing any of the appeal for readerships of any nationality…It’s sure to leave one’s inner sleuth satisfied.
— UCD College Tribune
Don Cameron’s Marked Off is a well-paced, debut thriller...In fact the charm of book is its well-understood context, namely Ireland. The detectives denude the mores of classes, milieus and social groups and the foul sense of corruption helps heighten the noir feel. Most aspects of Irish life are touched upon; business, politics, golf, begrudgery, tax and, of course, drinking. The two more senior journalists in the book are obese alcoholics. This is also where we find a well-constructed subplot about the press and their role in shaping our views about crime and murder and also the hysteria that they can create with cases like this…readers will hope for the return of Inspector Danny O’Neil. The clues, breaks and red herrings all come naturally. The book is a well-written, easy read – a decent thriller.
— No More Workhorse