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Here in No Place

Here in No Place


An exciting debut about a family bound by secrets.

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Murt Doran lost everything eighteen years before. His wife is dead, his daughter raised by relatives. A man cast adrift in life, he lives at a guest house, picks up odd jobs, keeps his head down.

Having had enough of the guilt, finally, he sends his daughter a letter and suggests they meet. But the girl’s adoptive family, the dubiously self-made Foley and his wife Helen (Murt’s sister-in-law) will do whatever they can to prevent Murt from contacting his daughter. They have motives and ulterior motives. Theirs and Murt’s past are intricately intertwined. Once friends and work colleagues at the saw mill, Murt and Foley haven’t talked for years. The rift runs deep beneath a past that casts long shadows. Whether they like it or not, the Foley’s and Murt have all been bound together and torn apart in equal measure by his wife’s death.

For the characters, time does as much damage as their secrets. In order to meet his daughter, Murt must turn and face the lurking shadows. But Foley has things of his own that must be said. His conscience is far from clear. How much of what was lost can be recovered and at what cost?

A stunning debut, with a hero who lives on the outside.
— Irish Examiner