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Deadly Confederacies and Other Stories

Deadly Confederacies and Other Stories


By Martin Malone

In this new collection of short stories, Martin Malone explores the hidden world behind the front door of family life and the secret world behind the public face.

B-format, paperback | 256pp | ISBN 978-1-84840-345-1 | Release Date: June 2014

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From a teenager adjusting to a new world among relatives in 1970s Wales, to a man and his partner adjusting to a darker Ireland filled with unemployment, health scares and only dreams of a better future he brings the reader deep inside the minds and lives of his characters. In intimate prose and illuminating detail Malone displays his skills as a master of setting and description. Driven by Malone's ability to empathise and understand even the most extreme of minds, the stories bring twists, humour and sadness in vivid and gripping prose. Deadly Confederacies is a collection to be savoured and enjoyed.

Praise for Deadly Confederacies and Other Stories:

A stunning read by one of Ireland’s master storytellers.
— Talking Books, Newstalk 106-108 FM
This collection of short but not so sweet tales is grim but always compelling...There’s a whiff of Raymond Carver about these pieces. Like Carver he brings us the blue-collar experience and he tells it in the same minimalist fashion - staccato sentences and very few frills....He is a storyteller first’ - The Sunday Times ‘Dialogue is true to life...poignant...That intense awareness of human loneliness is there throughout Malone’s collection.
— The Irish Times

Praise for Martin Malone:

Martin Malone writes stories of profound originality. He has a great sense of history and of how it can be made special for a modern reader. His work searches out the spirit and language of many countries, and it is enticing from the first sentence...a writer to watch.
— Stand UK
Valley of the Peacock Angel is an accomplished novel. Malone excels in his natural ability to tell a story, to draw readers in and hold them there. His novel is a pleasure to read...With characters that are well rounded and a plot that never drops pace, Malone delivers a worthy story.
— Books Ireland
A human story told with real emotion and sensitivity... Malone brings this story to life with an insight and understanding as only one who has been there excellent read.
— Morning Star, UK
Extraordinarily accomplished and beautifully realised.
— Irish Examiner