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Cold Spring

Cold Spring

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By Patrick McGinley

Set in rural western Ireland in 1948, Patrick McGinley's novel is a gripping and powerful exploration of community, violence and Irish ways.

C-format paperback | 256pp | ISBN 9781848402201 | Release Date: April 2013

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He got down on his hands and knees and reached in under the bed where he kept his toolbox. Careful not to make a sound, he searched desperately for a weapon of defence. Then the bedroom door creaked behind him and he knew he was no longer alone in the room...

When one of the few remaining villagers in Leaca is murdered, suspicion falls on the one resident Englishman and outsider, Nick Ambrose. As tensions rise and old forms of law threaten to impose summary justice, the easy and rich fabric of life that has sustained the town for so many years unravels and tears with shocking results.


Patrick McGinley’s gifts for resonant dialogue, sexual frictions, graphic violence, and peripeteia have been well noted for over three decades by readers and critics who relish the extravagances of getting lost beyond the Pale.
— Times Literary Supplement
Its unrelenting suspense hardly allowed me to put the book aside. You read it as crime fiction but, of course, the fact that the “whodunnit” is not the central question makes the story really interesting. There is so much in it, not only the ethical questions, but also the energetic rejection of nostalgia, the good old times, and that ‘rural Ireland equals good Ireland’. And it is really, really well written. Hope there are more McGinleys to look forward to in the pipeline!
— Beate Gresser, senior librarian of the University of Erlangen/Nuernberg
History repeats itself in this dark, disturbing mystery from Edgar-finalist McGinley (The Devil’s Diary), a master at capturing the foreboding beauty of Ireland and its quirky inhabitants...Filled with elegiac prose, this shocking tale of moral decay that spreads from one black heart to claim everything in its path will keep readers turning the pages.
— Publishers Weekly