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In the Media: The Killing of Thomas Niedermayer

THE IRA abduction and murder of Thomas Niedermayer, the German manager of the Grundig electronics plant on the outskirts of Belfast in 1973, set off a tragic chain of events that would see his entire family wiped out.

David Blake Knox’s deeply researched and sympathetic book explores both the event itself, but also the background of the main players involved, its traumatic aftermath, and the context of the event within the Troubles.

The book has generated a lot of media interest both North and South of the Irish Border. Here’s a selection.

The Irish News

The Belfast Telegraph

The Irish Times

The Dublin Review of Books

Today with Seán O’Rourke, RTÉ Radio 1

A Belfast launch event will be held in No Alibis Bookshop, 83 Botanic Ave, BT7 1JL, on the evening of 5 September, 6.30pm.


Caoimhe Fox