How Ireland Cares: The Case for Health Care Reform

Written by Maev-Ann Wren and Professor Dale Tussing, How Ireland Cares: The Case for Health Care Reform analyses the many problems afflicting Irish health care: access to care is based on ability to pay and not one’s needs; soaring numbers of patients spend nights on hospital trolleys; too many hospitals are staffed largely by junior doctors; and there are too few family doctors, many of whom work in outmoded premises. The Minister for Health invites private, for-profit operators to solve the problems of primary care, acute hospitals and care of the aged – yet they remain unresolved.

But How Ireland Cares doesn’t just describe the problems; it provides a detailed plan for reform.

The authors outline short- and long-term solutions to the health care crisis, charting a pathway to achieve access to care on the basis of need, modern primary and hospital care, and secure care for older people.

The book is a major contribution to the debate on the future of public healthcare, a debate that is raging not just in Ireland, but in Britain, the United States and further afield.

Praise for How Ireland Cares:

‘A must-read for the Health Minister … it should be required reading for all with an interest in Irish health policy’ Irish Medical News

‘Privatisation of our health service … is occurring almost by stealth. This insidious trend is built on a myth – that it will cost the taxpayer nothing and will deliver extra capacity for the health service. This new study comprehensively demolishes that myth’ David Beggs, General Secretary of ICTU

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Product Information

ISBN : 9781905494231
Format : Paperback
Release Date : 01-06-2006
Author : Maev-Ann Wren
Publisher : New Island