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The Closet of Savage Mementos

Written by Nuala Ní Chonchúir.

Lillis leaves behind 1990s Dublin for a summer job working at a lodge in a small lochside village in the Scottish Highlands. Leaving Dublin is a way to escape her sorrow and despair following the death of her boyfriend and a testy relationship with her mother, Verity. In Scotland she encounters love and excitement but when a series of unexpected events turn her new found life on its head, she is forced to make a life-changing decision, one that will stay with her for her whole life. The Closet of Savage Mementos is drawn directly from the author's own experiences and explores heartbreak, loss, motherhood and adoption in a gripping narrative and the same expressive, emotive and exciting prose we have come to expect of Nuala Ní Chonchúir

  Price: €13.99

Inside RTÉ: A Memoir

Written by Betty Purcell.

For 33 years Betty Purcell worked behind the scenes as an award-winning producer in RTÉ Radio and Television, with presenters such as Marian Finucane, John Bowman, Pat Kenny and John Kelly. She found battles with the government, RTÉ management and the Workers Party, taking a landmark case against Section 31 to Europe in 1991. She represented staff on the RTÉ Authority and on the Union executive. In this book she tells the real story of life in the challenging, fraught and creative world of Irish broadcasting. About the author: From modest beginnings, including two-and-a-half years in an orphanage, Betty Purcell went on to a 33-year career in RTÉ. She has worked across radio and television as both a reporter and producer. She retired from RTÉ in 2012 and lives in Dublin.

  Price: €19.99

Miss Fitzgerald

Written by Angela Byrne.

Trudy Fitzgerald, a child growing up in post-famine rural Limerick, has always wanted more – more freedom, more success and more independence. Most of all, she wants more of the truth about the mysterious circumstances that surround the death of her mother. As secrets threaten to tear her family apart, Miss Fitzgerald is the story of a young woman who dared to be herself. But does she really want all of the answers?

  Price: €13.99

A Year Of Festivals In Ireland

Written by Mark Graham.

Meet Mark Graham, Conker Champion of Ireland, All-Ireland Bucket-Singing Champion and the sixth-best bog snorkeler in Ireland. Rejected by the banks as he looked to start on the journey to home ownership, Mark started in an altogether more interesting and exciting journey to attend three festivals a week for a year. In this entertaining roller-coaster tour of Ireland, Mark paints a picture not of a broken and maudlin country that lost the run of itself, but of a people with a wealth of character, imagination, generosity, wildness, curiosity, creativity and an insatiable hunger for fun and divilment. The surprising array of weird and wonderful festivals around Ireland are matched and surpassed by the cohort of characters and clients who attend them. Throwing himself into the thick of these gatherings may have nearly killed him, but he survived his year of festivals, enjoyed almost every minute and was left with a tale or two to tell.

  Price: €16.99

A Question Of Duty: The Curragh Incident 1914

Written by Paul O’Brien.

As the world marched to war in 1914, the Army of the British Empire was secretly recovering from one of its most momentous events of its history. In the Curragh Army Camp in the rolling countryside of county Kildare, a senior British General and his officers had threatened to resign rather than deploy their forces to Ulster in response to threats from the Protestant populations there refusing to accept Home Rule. This was the so called Curragh Mutiny, which precipitated the most serious crisis of civilmilitary relations in modern British history. In this engaging and enjoyable new history of those events, Paul O'Brien explores the why and the how of those strange days as well as putting the events in a wider context and bringing home to the modern reader just how close to civil war the British Empire stood in 1914. About the Author: Paul O' Brien is a military historian who has studied Irish and British military activity during the Easter Rising 1916. He has written a number of works on the 1916 Rising focusing on the military aspects of Easter week. This original work has brought new life to the military history of the 1916 Rising. A keen collector of model soldiers, he lives in Dublin.

  Price: €12.99

'Peace After The Final Battle': The Story Of The Irish Revolution, 1912-1924

Written by John Dorney.

In the course of just a dozen years Ireland changed completely. From a superficially loyal part of metropolitan Britain to a self-governing state with only weak ties to the British Empire, ties that would, over time, be severed. In this engrossing, fresh and exciting new history of those turbulent years, John Dorney brings to life the forces, the events and the people that shaped Ireland and that brought that new state into being.

  Price: €19.99

The 1916 Bundle: Three Books From The 1916 In Focus Series

Written by Paul O’Brien.

Three of Paul O'Brien's brilliant series on the battles of 1916. Shootout: The Battle For St Stephen's Green, 1916, Crossfire: The Battle of the Four Courts, 1916 and Field Of Fire: The Battle of Ashbourne, 1916. Collectively worth over €35.00, get this bundle for only €20.00.

  Price: €20.00

Foundation Stone: Notes Towards a Constitution for a 21st-Century Republic 

Written by Theo Dorgan.

A critical evaluation of the changes the Irish constitution needs to bring radical reform to Ireland. Embracing a wide range of views, Foundation Stone: Notes towards a Constitution for a 21st-Century Republic, is a shot across the bows of the ongoing constitution convention. It rejects the cosy and complacent notion that all our constitution needs is a small bit of tweaking and proposes bold and radical action.

  Price: €17.99