Fiction - Open Door

Before I became a full-time writer I worked in Dublin Public Libraries. I often met people who couldn’t read or write. They wanted desperately to learn to do both. I also met literacy tutors who were frustrated at the lack of suitable material for their students.

I approached New Island in 1998. My aim was to publish a series of literacy novellas with high production values written by well-known writers. Edwin Higel and the team at New Island were highly motivated, committed and eager. Open Door was born.

It would never have worked without the commitment, enthusiasm and sheer goodwill of the fantastic writers who stepped up to the plate. Many of the authors are internationally bestselling authors who sell millions of books between them. All are agreed that writing these novellas was challenging but immensely rewarding. To introduce someone to the joy of reading is an honour and a privilege.

At the moment, we are discussing our seventh series. We have thirty-seven books including a poetry book published. The concept has far surpassed its original requirement. Open Door has become an educational tool, not only for emerging readers with literacy problems, but for those interested in improving their English language and reading skills. Many teachers are using them in secondary schools to encourage teenage readers to get into the habit of reading. The goal is to promote the joy of reading so that the students will go on to read the author’s full length novels. This strategy is working in many schools.

It is an honour to be involved with Open Door. To all in New Island, and to the authors many thanks. To the new reader, welcome. We hope that the Open Door books will be a step forward for you and that reading becomes a lasting pleasure in your life.

Patricia Scanlan,
Series Editor

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Written by Vincent Banville.

Private detective John Blaine is back treading Dublin’s mean streets. With his marriage now on track, and little baby Emily to keep his attentions closer to home, it could be said that things are going better than ever for the private eye. That is, until he gets a call from Bertie Boyer, owner of The Purple Pussy nightclub in Dublin’s Temple Bar. He hires the P.I. to warn off some Romanian immigrants who are threatening to burn the place down. But the Romanians have a very different tale to tell. Time is running out fast, and before he knows it, Blaine finds himself right in the centre of the blaze.

  Price: €6.99

An Angel at my Back

Written by Mary Stanley.

Lucy Benedict is eight years old. Her older brother Paul likes to tease her. One day he ties her to a tree and leaves her there. She faints in the heat of the sun, and then she sees an angel. The angel looks just like her, and she sings beautifully. When Lucy wakes up in hospital she knows the angel is real. She has to have yet another operation on her back, but she isn't frightened any more.

  Price: €6.99

An Seomra Tobac

Written by Julie Parsons.

I seomra tobac sa Roinn Sláinte agus Leasa Sóisialaigh, a thosaíonn an rud ar fad. Tá Eoin pósta ar Aoife, agus tá pósadh sona acu de réir cosúlachtaí. Casann Aisling ar Eoin ansin sa seomra tobac. Ach bíonn contúirt ann sna toitíní, agus ní fada go dtiteann Eoin i ngrá le hAisling, agus go n-airíonn Aoife go bhfuil a pósadh i gcontúirt. Ní go réidh a scaoilfidh Aoife le haon rud áfach, agus cinneann sí ar throid a chur suas. Cé aige a mbeidh an bua? Cad í an duais?

  Price: €6.99

Behind Closed Doors

Written by Sarah Webb.

Amy and Cathy have been best friends forever. But then Cathy gets married, moves to Wicklow and starts a family. And things begin to change. Amy starts to wonder are they still best friends. And now Cathy’s pregnant with baby number three. A lunch party in Cathy’s house provides a chance for Amy to tell Cathy how she feels. But things don’t go quite as planned. Amy finds out that sometimes even the best of friends have secrets. And she’s shocked to find out what really goes on behind closed doors …

  Price: €6.99

Bruno, Peanut and Me

Written by Mary Stanley.

Young Susan tells this gripping and moving tale about the summer when she was eight years old, and her brother Bruno nearly drowns in the sea. She gets him back to shore where he becomes seriously ill. While he is in hospital, Susan and sister Peanut are often left alone. This is a story about change, growth and hope told through the eyes of a child who does not understand what is happening. It covers the developing relationship of the three children, the kindness of strangers, the support and love in a family that needs assistance, and is fortunate enough to find it.

  Price: €6.99