In This Life

A new collection from Michael O’Loughlin, recognised as one of the most important Irish poets of his generation. Born in Dublin in 1958, Michael O'Loughlin has been among most arresting voices in Irish poetry since his debut, Stalingrad, the Street Dictionary, in 1980.

In this new collection - his first for a decade - he brings a new sensibility to bear on the disturbing realities of the Ireland he found on his return from abroad. He does so firstly through poems in his own voice, but in a series of poems ostensibly translated from the Latvian, he also employs the voice of a fictional Latvian poet, Mikelis Norgelis, an immigrant to Ireland. Mikelis is not just an outside observer of Irish life and culture, but brings his own baggage.

In This Life is another kind of homecoming for a poet described by The Poetry Review (London) as "A writer of intense power...(with) poems of force,strength and surge".

Price: €10.00

Product Information

ISBN : 9781848400795
Format : Paperback
Release Date : 07-04-2011
Author : Michael O'Loughlin
Publisher : New Island