The Friendship Tree: The Life and Poems of Davoren Hanna

The Friendship Tree: The Life and Poems of Davoren Hanna contains selected poems by one of Ireland's most remarkable poets, together with a heartfelt--and often painfully honest--memoir of Davoren by his father, journalist Jack Hanna. Born in Dublin in 1975, Davoren was able to control very little of his body, and was mute of speech, was assessed as mentally handicapped until the age of seven. Learning to communicate first by using a letter-board while sitting on his mother's, Brighid, lap, he began to write poetry that received wide critical acclaim in Ireland and Britain.

A lifelong participant in Davoren's struggle to become a writer, Jack Hanna has written a searing account of the heartbreak and exhiliration behind the sometimes baffling public face of his illustrious son. Complete with a swirling cast of supporting characters, not least the powerful presence of Davoren's mother, Brighid, The Friendship Tree is the celebration of an astonishing life, which--although short in years--was rich beyond measure.

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Product Information

ISBN : 9781874597384
Format : Hardback
Release Date : 31-12-1999
Author : Jack Hanna
Publisher : New Island