The Secret World of the Irish Male

'You never know what's going to happen in real life either, but some things you can be relatively confident about. The truth will always hurt, half your socks will always disappear in the washing machine and John Bruton in full fight will always be strangely reminiscent of Kermit The Frog in The Muppet Show.'

Directing his acid humour upon contemporary Irish life at home and abroad, Joe O'Connor's Secret World dives headlong into a love-struck, end-of-millenium, coast-to-coast tour of the frustrations, contraditions and giddying glories of being Irish in the 1990s.

Dissecting the cultural icons of our time, from the Taoiseach to the taxi driver, from the kiwi-fruit-flavoured condom to the Kilfenora ceilidh band, and discoursing on everyone from James Joyce to Jesus Christ, from Rolf Harris to Daniel O'Donnell, O'Connor picks his way between sinking pints in London-Irish pubs to pumping iron in Dublin gymnasia. Fear and loathing, pity and terror, country and western, love, rock and roll and football are all covered in this hilarious snapshot of modern Irish life.

Praise for the Irish Male trilogy:

'If laughing out loud is the only exercise you get, then read Joe O'Connor' Roddy Doyle

'If you need to spend an afternoon with a silly grin, and sometimes tears of laughter, this is your only man' The Irish Times

'A hilarious look at Irish life at home and abroad' Daily Mirror

'Smart, funny...could convince any romantic of the wonders of the Irish male' The Scotsman

'His digressive, what-shall-we-talk-about-now style is most engaging' The Glasgow Herald

'O'Connor has an uncanny ear for accents: his Dublin taxi drivers, for instance, could slide off the page and drive you home - and drive you mad' The Independent

'A funny, sharp-tongued and clear-eyed album of snapshots of Ireland and that other Ireland, London' The Advertiser

'Full of laughs from the self-styled Bum of the New Ireland' The Observer

Price: €12.95

Product Information

ISBN : 9781848400245
Format : Paperback
Release Date : 01-08-2008
Author : Joseph O'Connor
Publisher : New Island