The Space Between Us

In this new and eagerly awaited novel from one of Ireland's most accomplished writers, John MacKenna explores the complexities of love, friendship, loss and betrayal. When a man loses his wife in a car accident and is left to raise his young daughter alone, his emotions lurch from relief to guilt: relief because his marriage had been falling apart for some time, and guilt because he did not have the courage to admit this while his wife was alive. A powerful yet shocking story that asks if we can ever truly know those we are closest to, or if the space between us is always greater than we realise.

Praise for The Space Between Us:

'The Space Between Us bears out MacKenna's accomplishment as a novelist and his willingness to take risks with plot and point of view...An unsettling and challenging novel that moves its readers out of their comfort zone' Anne Fogarty, The Irish Times

'MacKenna brilliantly charts the passing of time and the shifting of emotions through the physical landscape, like a more pastoral version of Cormac McCarthy' Donal O'Donoghue, RTÉ Guide

'A darkly lyrical book...It's one of the strengths of MacKenna's work that he has such a grip on the local and the universal, and despite his love of small town life, he resists the urge to fall back on maudlin, romantic images of rural Ireland. It's a quality that gives his work an invigorating freshness' Padraig Kenny, Sunday Tribune

Praise for John MacKenna:

'A writer whose emotional sureness rarely falters' The Irish Times

'A consummately skilled author' Antonia Logue, The Guardian

'His restrained, limpid style and rural settings are reminiscent of McGahern' Katie Donovan, The Irish Times

'MacKenna is one of our most accomplished writers' RTÉ Guide

Price: €12.99

Product Information

ISBN : 9781848400337
Format : Paperback
Release Date : 01-06-2009
Author : John MacKenna
Publisher : New Island